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鴻仔2004-04-29 22:12:23
Angel_Girl_19842004-04-19 04:44:50
WOW!!!...I love Fafa!!!'s very cute!!!!

Keep the good work!...I'm sure this cats will be VERY popular!!!
galipemir@yahoo.com2004-04-15 23:03:59
thanks for cats
貓貓好可愛2004-04-12 16:02:59
well done..i likethat!~
very good!~
Giulia2004-04-12 04:47:15
I've collected all yours downloads and I really love them!!The kittens are very cute (expecially the latest one Fafa Cat) but I also like Makibao ... please continue creating this beautiful screenpals!Bye, July!
Lisa2004-04-11 04:22:23
I couldn't fit my URL into the box above.

I used to have little screen mate type pets when I first started using the Internet almost ten years ago. LOL I never thought I would want to download something like that again, but I was wrong! I love FavourCat and all his little friends. I have the three kittens, they're adorable. They actually make me smile when I see them walking around on the desktop. Very cute! I think it would be great if there were more of them! Also, if you could make them respond to being pet when they look sad, being happy when you "catch" them, etc., that would be GREAT.

Thanks, these are so awesome!
Danyel2004-04-08 03:12:07
I love all the cats they are soo cute!
方方2004-04-04 21:38:13
Grace2004-03-28 09:39:41
My Favour Cat is named Puff. Puff the Favour Cat. She's sitting on this text right now with my other 2. Please make more cute kitties! Can I suggest making a puppy? Thankx! I love puppies!
Samantha Adams2004-03-24 11:23:44
I LOVE Favour, he's ADORABLE!!
Please make more so i can get them all! I only have da 4 u put on da site!
Holza2004-03-24 11:22:46
I love these cute little things!!!! There so adorable!!!! Oh.. Hi FaFa! Yes silvermeows comming.....
Starry2004-03-21 04:17:00
I love the silver cat a LOT!!!!
tkli7g5rfynv6iu2004-03-21 04:14:08
eww....happy tree friends....gross!!!!
tkli7g5rfynv6iu2004-03-21 04:13:11
eww....happy tree friends....gross!!!!
Starry2004-03-21 03:55:07
cool web, but i don't know how to make that mypet.exe!
B2004-03-19 15:08:40
Dudes cool site all of them cool {i like da brown one}
Bec2004-03-18 11:30:25
Hey dudesand dudettes thisisa cool site gtg ttfn Luv always bec Rebbeca
Ema2004-03-18 11:26:30
hey we gots all of your downloads we luv them gtg ttfn bye
em2004-03-16 09:16:50
yo dudes and dudettedis siteis rockin
Sandra2004-03-14 23:00:23
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