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愛麗詩2003-10-05 16:31:05
很喜歡你的【your album】相片拍得很精采。花花很有性格,每張都很感動。
+Tina+2003-10-05 16:22:21
Hello Kitty2003-10-05 16:02:11
I'm very like FaFa. Is it a boy or girl?
T2003-10-05 00:49:09
I want them run on my Mac.!!
saks2003-10-01 16:16:52
choooooooooo chweeeeeeeeeetttttttttt
lovecat2003-09-23 10:42:14
wow wow very nice cat. I will looking for new vers. of Fa Fa..
ammara2003-09-22 21:30:05
:D yaaaaa ! very cute screenmate! dancing, sleeping...i love them so much ! but i also have an orange, and a pinguin crazy ! Don't exist dogs?
sleepwalker2003-09-19 22:38:05
Hi Fafa, these cat are sooooooo cute! Can i post your website link from my website? Cheers
Anneli2003-09-17 19:14:28
So cute -the screenmates
patty2003-09-17 09:16:09
It so cute, I like fafa cat very much. However there are very lovely. I'm looking for the new version.
martha2003-09-12 11:26:03
love the screenmates but you need more.
i like the fafa cat the most.
so cute
Kwan2003-09-10 17:19:58
Welcome to
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