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mlw2009-02-09 12:14:15
hello i have all your screenmates and just love em all i really hope to see that cute loin as screenmate soon. keep up the good work
滕昭孜2009-02-06 20:35:42
Asahina2009-01-26 10:03:10
I have always been a fan of your screen pals and I just recently saw your new site and I wanted to commend you on the good job. Keep it up!
selene2009-01-12 06:30:14
am a colleague of your brother, and i heard about the famous FaFa for a long time....finally got to see her pic and she is fantastically cute and cuddly....23 was an amazing age and my eldest was 20 and his name is Hello...i still have 4 cats at home, range from 3 - 18.....will write busy downloading your animation...cheers S
alice2009-01-08 17:37:44
Ents2008-12-24 01:42:35
It's so cute!

Perhaps it will be my best friend

3siska2008-12-05 04:46:10
Wuuaah... I really love ur own screenmate, so cute...

May u create more screenmate? I love it

Ebie2008-12-02 09:28:43
wow , i like u'r site n u'r caricature .
u'r must be very talented .

amazing !!!
btw, can u make youri djorkaeff caricature on inter shirt??

thx .. from INA
ellie2008-11-22 02:32:06
hello;i love the way you draw the cute cat.fafa is the name for cat?
ellie2008-11-22 02:23:01
8)fafa fafa fafa
ellie2008-11-22 02:18:45
:) i love fafa cat.this website is so cool.
evan2008-10-24 06:05:37
hello, i love the way you draw the cute cat.
"Fafa" is the name of your catty?
Sunny2008-10-12 21:35:32
Sunny2008-10-12 21:35:21
7ih0u2008-10-07 01:44:43
我特别喜欢那些漫画球星…… 也是我一直想学的…… 但是……
无论如何… 就此至上万分谢意!!
Sherry2008-10-05 00:40:13
2008-09-16 02:25:24
請問一下 , 小花喵這個遊戲肆幹神抹滴 !?

一定下回唷 !!
2008-09-16 02:25:07
請問一下 , 小花喵這個遊戲肆幹神抹滴 !?

一定下回唷 !!
聚散两依依2008-09-10 02:05:46
:D站长 偶最近很喜欢呆在你这里 看了你的教学 尝试做了 不过都是简单动作至少算是成功吧?(小小声自我安慰=.=")我把他们都邮寄给你了请你过目 呵呵呵~不过他们是"游戏的id"说是宠物好像有点过分
wendy2008-08-27 01:42:11
誰ㄎ交交怎用自製~~ = . =

拜拜托托= = = =~~~
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